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still lauded after 25 centuries.

Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu or Sunzi, the legendary Chinese military strategist is revered by the intelligentsia all over the world for his book, ‘The Art of War’ or ‘ The Thirteen Chapters’.

Though primarily a treatise on the then Chinese military strategy, these six thousand or more words in its’ English translation are so fascinating that it touches by its’ applicability almost all aspects of human life.

The essayist Francis Bacon perhaps read this book when he said that the some book are to be tasted , other to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed & digested. The Philosopher-General Sun Tzu ‘ The Art of War’ is the one that has to be chewed & digested!!!

This is a book for all. Where anybody could find & analyze solution to their problem. The terse sentences convey a message that cuts your problem to solution in any sphere of life.

Yes, download me the ebook!

Yes, download me the ebook!

Sun Tzu for politicians,

‘I like to think that President Bush has a copy of Sun Tzu on his bedside table and that he reads it from time to time for guidance in the gulf crisis.’

H.D.S Greenway. The Washington Post, December 16, 1990.

Sun Tzu for Business & Management,

‘The leader is at the core of the company. With an able leader, a company has all the possibilities to succeed. Without an able leader, a company will be in chaos.’

Management in times of change; lessons from The Art of War.
Juan Antonio Fernandez. LBS. 01 March 2004.

Sun Tzu on personal development,

Sun Tzu: “A clever general, therefore, avoids an army when its spirit is keen, but attacks it when it is sluggish and inclined to return.”

Adapted: “A clever person, therefore, avoids the areas where bad habits are strongest, but attacks them where they are weak and easy to change.”

Applying Lessons from Sun Tzu and The Art of War to Everyday Life. James Clear. October 10, 2010.

Sun Tzu in performing arts,

All warfare is based on deception‘.

The Artists who outwitted the Nazis. BBC culture. Mathew Wilson 24th February 2021.

Sun Tzu for Investors,

“There are not more than five primary colors, yet in combination they produce more hues than can ever been seen.”

What that means for you: There is value in creating a strong, diverse suite of investments across and within different asset classes.

Invest Like Sun Tzu: Lessons to Help Shape Your Finances. Singapore.
Yes, download me the ebook!

Yes, download me the ebook!

Sun Tzu in 20th Century

The Schlieffan plan & WWI.

”Quickness is the essence of war.”

Melita Norwood??

Norwood, Melita, spy

The Ghost Army & Operation Bertram.

‘Mystify, mislead & surprise the enemy.”

Yes, download me the ebook!

Yes, download me the ebook!

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